Script of the Day: flexi cart

A CodeIgniter e-commerce plugin for running online stores

Flexi cart is for developers trying to add an e-commerce component to their CodeIgniter installation. It will transform a bland CodeIgniter site into a fully blown online store.

The idea behind Flexi cart was to provide an e-commerce suite coded in the same way as the CodeIgniter core, so developers won't need to learn a new project's core functionality and coding principles all over again in case they need an e-commerce facet for their projects.

Flexi cart handles not only the frontend, but also the backend administration tasks as well.

The plugin can manage anything starting from the product catalog, to orders, discounts, currencies, product stock, shipping options, vouchers and up to tax zones.

The Flexi cart source code is available on GitHub and a demo is available as testing as well.

Download Flexi cart from our Scripts section here.

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