Script of the Day: feindura

Pretty, lightweight, flat-file PHP content management system

Databases can be tough to setup if you have no programming expertise. This is why solutions like feindura are enjoying such huge success lately.

Running on a flat-file storage system, feindura can easily be uploaded to an FTP hosting account and work out of the box with no complicated database setup to deal with.

Right from the start, developers will love feindura for its really fast response time and easy-to-use admin panel, because there's nothing more appealing to a developer than fast page loads and a KISS-based admin UI for their clients.

Besides the default tools, like the restore-backup utility, RSS feeds, statistics module and the sitemap generator, feindura can additionally be extended via themes and plugins for a more broadened usage spectrum.

To know what you're getting yourself into, you can play around with this feindura demo. Development is done via a SourceForge account.

Download feindura from our Scripts section here.

Check out more feindura screenshots here.

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