Script of the Day: dbv.php

A version control system for MySQL database schemas

dbv.php is somewhat of an unique tool. It's a bare bones version control system for SQL databases. Developed for MySQL first, dbv.php can be easily extended to other DBMS SQL systems as well.

dbv.php will track and record the stages a database goes through during development, helping programmers go back to previous states in case of errors or changes in the project structure and/or end goals.

The system not only tracks revisions but also allows developers to work on a database and then select which and what table to push (complicated term for "publish") either to the disk or to the database.

Not the easiest tool to use, dbv.php requires some serious PHP and MySQL knowledge.

dbv.php is free to use and can be forked on GitHub, if you're interested in contributing to its source code.

Download dbv.php from our Scripts section here.

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