Script of the Day: canvasXpress

Powerful HTML5 canvas graphing and charting library

canvasXpress is one of the new breed of development tools that saw greater adoption, as HTML 5 support expanded in more and more browsers. The library allows developers to create interactive graphs and charts that rely on the power of HTML 5's canvas utility.

CanvasXpress supports classic chart types like lines, dot plots, bars, pies, stacks, but can also be used with more complex graph types like heatmaps, Venn diagrams, financial stocks, candlestick charts, box plots, correlation plots, genome browsers, network/pathway graphs and many more.

Besides all this, the library also provides enhanced interactivity functions like zooming, canvas resizing, 3D support, complex chart animations, user selections and printing the chart canvas.

For a more in-depth analysis, check out canvasXpress demos here. The library is also very actively maintained via its SourceForge page.

Download canvasXpress from our Scripts section here.

Check out more canvasXpress screenshots here.

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