Script of the Day: ZK

A Java enterprise framework for building desktop and mobile applications

The ZK framework is a mature Java development tool for quickly assembling and deploying Java-based desktop and mobile applications heavily relying on AJAX operations, but without getting your hands dirty with messy JavaScript code.

With 7 years of development backing its core, ZK provides 200+ ready-built components, covering a wide range of needs and use cases.

ZK is extendable via plugins, all components are responsive designed, and the framework is secure against common CSRF, DoS and XSS attacks.

Its track record is spotless and the framework has made its way into companies like Sony, IBM, Toyota, Roche, Sun, DreamWorks, eBay, Adobe and the United Nations.

The source code, binaries and development versions are available on SourceForge. Various ZK widgets can be tested via the online demo.

Download ZK from our Scripts section here.

Check out more ZK screenshots here.

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