Script of the Day: Windex

Customize the Apache default file and folder listing index

It may sometimes be required in some projects to list a raw server file and folder structure. While Apache's index browser is functional, it's not really that appealing. This is why scripts like Windex have been created.

They use server-side technology, PHP in Windex' case, and alter the Apache index so it looks like the folder structures you would usually find in a desktop operating system.

Complete with file format extension icons and a mobile skin for accessing the folder index from any smartphone, Windex lets you feel like you’re navigating your Dropbox account.

Also, as an additional feature compared to other similar solutions, Windex can automatically detect and embed README files under the folder listing. This allows tutorials, intro and presentation text to be displayed from any server folder.

If the initial Windex style is not for your taste, just gently tweak the CSS. The Windex source code is currently freely available on GitHub.

Download Windex from our Scripts section here.

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