Script of the Day: Web 2.0 Directory

Take advertisement submissions and publish ads on your website

Web 2.0 Directory is a script to manage a classified ads system, for taking and listing advertisements using a secure, controllable user interface.

Created for entrepreneurs, Web 2.0 Directory will allow webmasters to run an ads listing system, for free or a monthly fee.

Heavily integrated with payment gateways, Web 2.0 Directory actually focuses on features to help administrators make money off their business directory, not only look cute like most of the classified ads scripts tend to focus on these days.

With an advanced user registration system and top-notch ads management tools, admins can only marvel at how many features they have at their disposal when configuring their Web 2.0 Directory installation.

If this script has really sparked your interest, you can play around with some demos over here, and even go for the commercial version of the script.

Download Web 2.0 Directory from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Web 2.0 Directory screenshots here.

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