Script of the Day: WP Migrate Gen

A tool for correcting WordPress database migrations

WP Migrate Gen is one of those tools you'll be kicking yourself for not knowing about until know. It's a tool for automatically generating the SQL code needed to correct WordPress databases after a migration operation.

Migrating a WordPress installation from one host to the other is way much more than just moving files between servers and then dumping and importing the MySQL database code.

Every time, you have to go elbows deep and correct the base URL and other settings in the database options table.

Not anymore. WP Migrate Gen allows you to enter some simple details and will automatically produce the correct SQL statements you can run in your database and have it automatically updated and ready to go on the new host.

WP Migrate Gen is not a WordPress plugin and it is contained in one single HTML file, being able to be hosted anywhere.

It's source code is available on GitHub. Check out a demo here.

Download WP Migrate Gen from our Scripts section here.

Check out more WP Migrate Gen screenshots here.

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