Script of the Day: WP MashSocial Widget

Display your social profiles, just like Mashable does

WP MashSocial Widget is a WordPress plugin which enables admins to add a sidebar widget for showcasing social profiles, just like on Mashable.

The widget perfectly mimics the Mashable homepage social profiles widget, allowing anyone running a WordPress platform to embed it in their sidebar as well.

The plugin currently comes with over 20 configurable settings, allowing the webmaster complete control on how the widget looks and behaves.

It currently supports social networks like Facebook, FeedBurner, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Of course, the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository as well. But take notice the plugin name on the index is MashSocial Wigdet, with the word widget spelled as “wigdet.”

Download WP MashSocial Widget from our Scripts section here.

Check out more WP MashSocial Widget screenshots here.

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