Script of the Day: WP-FAQ

WordPress plugin for embedding a Q&A system for your customers

WP-FAQ is an advanced system for creating a Q&A section on a WordPress-powered website.

The plugin creates a new WP taxonomy that handles questions and question groups.

After adding all the questions, along with their respective answers in the WP admin panel, the FAQ section can then be inserted into any WP page or post using the [wpfaq] shortcode.

All FAQ groups automatically become filtering tabs shown at the top of the section for narrowing down the answers in long lists and/or to specific domains.

WP-FAQ also comes with 8 default styles, for easily blending into any WP theme design. These are dark blue, lime green, intense green, white, black, pink, red and yellow.

Of course, the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository as well.

Download WP-FAQ from our Scripts section here.

Check out more WP-FAQ screenshots here.

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