Script of the Day: WP Catalogue

A WordPress plugin to display a catalog (portfolio) of items

While at first sight WP Catalogue might look like a great way to showcase portfolios on a WordPress powered site, the plugin is capable of much more than just blindly outputting a list of items on a grid layout.

WP Catalogue was coded on top of a WordPress custom post type structure, allowing editors to add portfolio items just like they would normal posts.

These items can then be organized in custom categories, which will act as catalog filters on the frontend.

Clicking an item in the catalog's frontend will take the user to a separate page where additional details can be shown, along with extra images and about anything else the editor might want to present about the item.

Combine WP Catalogue with a PayPal payment button/plugin and you can ship out a basic store within minutes.

The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool.

Download WP Catalogue from our Scripts section here.

Check out more WP Catalogue screenshots here.

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