Script of the Day: WP Butler

Add quick shortcuts to various common actions in the WordPress dashboard

The WP Butler plugin can provide a very useful shortcut system for common actions in the WordPress dashboard and admin panel.

Want to add a new blog category but hate navigating the default WordPress sidebar menu? It's simple with WP Butler. Press SHIFT+ALT+B and type “add” or “category” in the text box.

WP Butler will then provide a list of available administration options, and you can simply choose the one you like and automatically get redirected to the admin page that can do that.

Heavy duty WordPress users won't embrace the plugin since most of them already know by heart the entire WP admin panel, but when working with first time WordPress clients WP Butler will become a gift from the Gods.

Customers and newbies will absolutely love it, since it allows a faster exploration of the WordPress backend rather than blindly going through all the admin pages until you find what you want.

The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool. It is also hosted on GitHub as well.

Download WP Butler from our Scripts section here.

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