Script of the Day: VozCMS

Content management system written for PHP and SQLite environments

VozCMS is a brand new content management system for creating and managing a website with little to no coding at all.

Created to work in environments with no database access or no database at all, VozCMS relies on SQLite to store any created content.

It can easily be installed anywhere and boasts a backend powered by Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework.

VozCMS can manage static pages, blog posts, its members database, and can be customized via themes and additional plugins.

Editing a page's content is also very easy, with help from the Redactor WYSIWYG editor.

Even if the current features are enough for setting up and running your own site, expect lots of new tools in future versions.

The VozCMS source code is available via GitHub.

Download VozCMS from our Scripts section here.

Check out more VozCMS screenshots here.

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