Script of the Day: Validator

A jQuery plugin for advanced Web form data validation

Even if Validator is barely one month old, this little jQuery plugin can handle very complicated form structures, validating the data entered in a form in real time, showing alerts and event hints on how to fill in the field.

Overall Validator is a very professional solution for assuring that visitors are using the forms in the way the programmer created them, submitting the proper data for each field, not skipping sections or not sending the submitted message without showing useful errors for the user to correct.

By default, lots of data type checks are available out of the box, including for required fields, URLs, telephone numbers, numbers (within limits), email addresses, regex patterns and many other.

The developer's only task is to put together the form and assign the validation rules and 'Voila!' the form is ready to deploy.

A working demo ships with the package, currently open sourced and hosted on GitHub.

Download Validator from our Scripts section here.

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