Script of the Day: VSP Stats

Game server statistics tracker written in PHP and MySQL

VSP Stats is a game server log parser that interprets and formats gaming statistics so that players can track their history and skill evolution.

VSP Stats does not have support for all the latest online multiplayer games like UltraStats, but in comparison, it's extremely faster and has much more cleaner, well-written code that won't throw your CPU usage percentage through the roof whenever parsing a log.

Just to list a few of the supported VSP Stats games we include Halflife, Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, Quake and Soldier of Fortune.

The stats system can track individual player stats, weapon usage details, medals and awards for the best/worst players, individual skill points, individual map/round details, hitzone stats and many many more.

But there's nothing better than a demo to get an idea of what VSP Stats can do, so here are two very nice installations of VSP Stats we have found via Google. Demo 1 for a Wolfenstein Enemy Territory server, and demo 2 for a Call of Duty: United Offensive server.

Download VSP Stats from our Scripts section here.

Check out more VSP Stats screenshots here.

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