Script of the Day: Tweed

Retrieve and embed a person's Twitter timeline anywhere on a Web page

Editor's note: Since writing this article, Twitter updated its API to a new version which Tweed's developer was not interested in supporting. The plugin has been retired and unpublished. Original article below.

Tweed can help you embed an entire Twitter timeline on a remote Web page, along with hashtag search results and even personal Twitter lists.

Embedding tweets has become trivial thanks to the many tools Twitter has been providing itself.

But if you want a more configurable solution, more easier to change and edit via simple JS variables, or if you simply hate dealing with the Twitter API and its constant updates, Tweed is the way to go.

Besides all of the above, Tweed has even more advantages. It allows the embedded timeline to be refreshed either manually or automatically at specified intervals, it will pause the refresh process when the timeline is hovered allowing users to read the new tweets and will modify the tweet output template, adding or filtering the displayed tweets.

A working demo ships with the Tweed source. The code has been open sourced and can be forked and modified via GitHub.

Download Tweed from our Scripts section here.

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