Script of the Day: Timer alert

A simple countdown timer, complete with a sound alert

Timer alert is what its name hints it to be. A countdown timer that plays a sound when it reaches zero. Nothing less, nothing more.

There are probably thousands of similar smartphone applications and probably Web-based services that provide the same functionality and even much more, but there's something that hits home when using Timer alert.

Firstly, you can download it and host it anywhere you wish. On your own Web server, in your own app, on a USB stick, on your hard-drive, and so on. It comes with total freedom and free access to the code (if this is what rings your bell).

It's not a fully-blown countdown timer at all, since you can't set the date which to count down to. It only allows setting a time interval to count to zero from. Just like a classic Pomodoro cooking clock. Set it up, start it and wait for the alarm.

Timer alert is great for letting you know that a time period has passed, and when we mean “it lets you know” we mean “it lets you know,” because if you by any chance mismanage the PC's sound level it can scare you to death if you have forgotten about setting it up.

If interested, anything related to Timer alert development is handled via its GitHub account.

Download Timer alert from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Timer alert screenshots here.   

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