Script of the Day: Stacey

A no-database, flat-file CMS that relies mainly on text files

At around 600 lines of PHP code, Stacey is one of the World's smallest CMSs. The entire system relies on the folder structure for the site navigation, templates for the page structure and flat-files for storing the content.

Stacey doesn't provide an admin panel since all the site changes and administration is done by editing the files that power the site itself. So beware when deploying this CMS for client projects, all site modifications must be done by a person acquainted to Stacey's editing principles, with some programming knowledge being required.

And since we have mentioned Stacey's editing habits, we must specify that documentation is provided on Stacey's homepage, so have no worries, you can be a Stacey expert if you put the time into it.

Some other features that Stacey boasts include page caching, variable types and RSS/Atom/JSON syndication feeds for following site updates from your RSS reader.

Stacey's source code can be forked via GitHub if interested in doing so.

Download Stacey from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Stacey screenshots here.

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