Script of the Day: SoundManager

JavaScript, HTML5 and Flash hybrid for playing audio on web pages

SoundManager is a JavaScript library for playing sounds on a web page, making it the perfect tool for gaming engines, audio players or just simple hover effects.

Back in 2001, SoundManager was developed for playing sounds on web pages using JavaScript with a Flash core underneath it.

Now in 2012, SoundManager has adapted and integrated HTML 5 audio support for delivering sound in the easiest way possible.

SoundManager includes support for the Android platform, iPhone with iOS 4.0 or higher, iPad 1+ with iOS 3.2 or higher, all desktop devices, and even the Kindle Fire. Basically, SoundManager works with everything that can run HTML5/Flash.

And if you are not impressed yet, you'll be now: the library has been used on platforms like SoundCloud, and even the notorious Nyan Cat website.

Download SoundManager from our Scripts section here.

Check out more SoundManager screenshots here.

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