Script of the Day: Slider Kit

A big collection of jQuery functions to build any kind of content slideshow

Slider Kit comes packed with lots of jQuery functions for building very versatile and professional looking image and/or content sliders.

Developed out of the need of having one script for all of the slider types available today, Slider Kit reduces development time by providing all the tools needed in creating the slideshow of your dreams.

The plugin can be used to add dotted navigation to a slider, side navigational arrows, a number pagination system, thumbnails, image titles, image captions, HTML sliding panels, slider tabs, custom animation effects, and many many more other tools.

Not only does Slider Kit make the perfect tool to use when building your simplistic image gallery slideshow, but it can also be used for complicated content sliders, tab panels, banner rotators and even news ticker systems for your media center.

Slider Kit's source code is hosted on a Google Code page, and comes with plenty of demos and documentation.

Download Slider Kit from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Slider Kit screenshots here.

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