Script of the Day: Skeleton

A CSS framework with support for desktop and mobile devices

Skeleton is not a UI framework, but a collection of CSS files for deploying a basic page structure that will render consistently and accordingly to the device it’s being used from.

Adopting the now famous 'responsive design' principle, Skeleton is basically a wireframe for creating websites that shift and dynamically resize their content to properly fit inside smart TVs, desktop PC or your very own smartphone.

But Skeleton is not as wild as you might think. Sure it may move content around, but a basic responsive 960px grid system is at the base of the site, and content is moved around, trying to abide to the limits imposed by the grid.

Premiered over a year ago, Skeleton has seen generous adoption amongst the design community, currently sporting two different WordPress themes (1, 2), one Drupal implementation and a project starter gem for Ruby on Rails.

The framework can be forked on GitHub and comes with lots of online documentation.

Download Skeleton from our Scripts section here.

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