Script of the Day: Sencha Touch

A mobile app development framework written in HTML 5

Sencha Touch is an advanced, cross-platform and performance-based HTML 5 mobile application framework.

Developed by the same people that created the wildly popular Ext JS JavaScript UI framework, Sencha Touch is considered one of the most advanced HTML 5 frameworks on the market right now.

With support for all the common major platforms like iOS, Android, Kindle and BlackBerry, Sencha Touch will provide a quick development process, with no worries that the code might break when viewed from different devices.

And by no any means does Sencha Touch provide a dent in the user's experience by focusing and forcing HTML5 instead of native Objective-C or Java code. All apps handle smoothly, run fast and the user won't be able to tell the difference, unless he's a snoopy developer who reverse engineers code for a living.

Not convinced? Just check out the Sencha Touch examples.

Download Sencha Touch from our Scripts section here.

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