Script of the Day: Responsive Img

A jQuery plugin for supporting responsive images on a Web page

Responsive Img is a simple jQuery plugin for resizing images on the fly, to fit the screen size of the device used to view the page with.

Web designers love the words “responsive design.” Just whisper them into the ear of a fellow developer. He'll start to tremble with joy and his eyes will glow up like a Manga character.

While a revolutionary concept a couple of years back, responsive design is now a de facto standard in Web development and an unspoken requirement in any Web project.

Having a website that resizes itself automatically according to the device it's being viewed from is not only a good practice but good manners as well.

Responsive Img handles just a small part of it all, targeting only the images, while leaving the rest of the site to the developer's choice of CSS framework or grid system.

Utilizing the help of a PHP script, Responsive Img does all the image resizing on the server side, serving images at the proper width based on preset breakpoints.

If you feel you have anything new to contribute to the script, development is handled via a GitHub account.

Download Responsive Img from our Scripts section here.

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