Script of the Day: Remote Preview

A testing utility for previewing URLs on a wide variety of mobile devices

Remote Preview reduces the overhead when testing Web pages on mobile devices. It's a unique system for reloading a page on remote devices on demand via a Web interface.

Instead of manually typing in the URL on (let's say) 20 mobile devices and reloading the page on all of them one by one, going to every one and refreshing the page to preview the changes, Remote Preview allows the developer to point all devices to one URL, only once, and force that URL to reload itself whenever the developer wants to.

What this means is that programmers will just edit the site's code, go to the Remote Preview panel, force a refresh and look at the mobile devices to view the results of his latest code edit.

In the end, there is lots of time saved for the programmer and more time spent on debugging and code reviews. A must-have tool if you're developing Web apps.

Remote Preview's source code is available and can be forked from its GitHub account. Don't forget to play the above video to see Remote Preview in action.

Download Remote Preview from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Remote Preview screenshots here.

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