Script of the Day: Refinery CMS

Slick Ruby on Rails-powered content management system

Refinery CMS is the perfect example that the open-source development world does not revolve around PHP. Built on top of the famous Ruby on Rails framework, Refinery is one of the best Ruby-based CMSs around at the moment.

Extremely flexible, but powerful at the same time, Refinery CMS can be used for small to medium websites, providing all the features needed in creating and publishing such a site.

Refinery CMS comes with support for multi-lingual content, WYSIWYG content editing, a built-in file manager, simple user management, secure authentication procedure, extensions for enriching the core with new features, a backend administration panel and loads more.

Check out the Refinery CMS demo, and if interested, try and contribute to its code on GitHub.

Download Refinery CMS from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Refinery CMS screenshots here.

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