Script of the Day: Ratchet

An user interface boilerplate for HTML-based iPhone apps

Ratchet is not a complete framework for developing iPhone apps, but a simple collection of HTML, CSS and JS files for putting together a quick HTML-based user interface for your future iPhone app.

Assembling together some of the most used UI widgets for mobile applications, Ratchet allows programmers to focus their efforts on his application's logic and leave the UI for later stages of development, while still having an interface in place for testing and debugging.

Of course, Ratchet's interface is beautiful enough to be used for an app's UI, but still, most people want their app to be unique, so a new UI style will certainly come into play later on.

Nevertheless, starting with Ratchet as the core and just tweaking the colors and sizes of certain elements is a good idea, since Ratchet has seen lots of testing and improvements since it first launched.

If you need more UI elements, you can code them yourself and add them to the GitHub repository, or you can request them via the Issues Tracker if you don't have advanced programming knowledge.

Download Ratchet from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Ratchet screenshots here.

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