Script of the Day: Raphy Charts

A SVG/VML charting library built on top of RaphaelJS

Built on top of the popular and powerful RaphaelJS, Raphy Charts can build and present nice looking graphs that can be displayed at any resolution, on any device and on any browser.

Utilizing RaphaelJS' powerful SVG to VML degradation system for browsers not supporting the SVG format (we're talking about Internet Explorer now), Raphy Charts comes with a built-in fallback system that makes sure graphs are being rendered using vector graphics regardless.

As the developer tried to stress out in his announcement of Raphy Charts, the default graph styles look and behave like any professional charting solution, sparing programmers from dealing with style beautification in the future.

Raphy Charts supports out-of-the-box graph types like: Bar, Area, Progress, Line, Index, Path (Fly), Sparkline and Bullet.

For GitHub fans, Raphy Charts can be found here.

Download Raphy Charts from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Raphy Charts screenshots here.

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