Script of the Day: QuickAppsCMS

A new PHP content management system (CMS) to explore, test and use

Developed on top of the CakePHP framework, QuickAppsCMS is a new content management system that just hit the market and it's looking pretty promising at this point in time.

Created with non-technical users in mind and suitable for smaller website projects, QuickApps won't get itself in the way and allow any person to quickly set it up and have a website running in a matter of minutes.

If the default installation is not good enough, add your own modules and themes and adapt the site to any project requirements you may have.

Check out QuickAppsCMS' demo for more details. If you lose the login credentials, they are demo/demo123. You can also fork the CMS' source code from GitHub as well.

Download QuickAppsCMS from our Scripts section here.

Check out more QuickAppsCMS screenshots here.

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