Script of the Day: Pokertimes

A fully playable, JavaScript-only Texas Hold'Em browser game

Pokertimes allows users to enjoy a single-player version of the famous Texas Hold'Em poker game variation.

Evolved from orciu's JavaScript Texas Hold'em Poker script, Pokertimes improves the single-player AI, allowing more competitive play calls from opposing bots.

With absolutely no server-side programming involved, Pokertimes can even be contained in one single HTML file, allowing Poker aficionados to pack it up and take it with them anywhere they would have access to a Web browser.

You could actually deploy Pokertimes to a Dropbox account and have your own Poker room anywhere you go.

Development has stopped a while back, but the source code can be forked from this GitHub account.

Download Pokertimes from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Pokertimes screenshots here.

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