Script of the Day: Piwigo

An advanced photo gallery management script written in PHP

Previously known as PhpWebGallery (PWG), Piwigo is an open source premium solution for publishing and managing images online.

While this might seem useless since Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, PhotoBucket, and others have already cornered the market with high-quality services, some users still want more privacy and total control of their pictures and whoever gets to view the images.

Piwigo comes to their aid by providing an administration panel for easily managing photos, albums, themes, plugins, tags and user comments.

Various other settings can also be tweaked from there as well, truly allowing webmasters full control over their installation.

Multiple Piwigo demos can be tested online before downloading the script. There's a demo of various front-end skins on the Piwigo website, and two other demos from Softaculous and Opensource CMS.

Download Piwigo from our Scripts section here.

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