Script of the Day: Photobox

A jQuery and CSS3 modal image gallery lightbox script

Photobox takes a new approach to the classic modal image and gallery viewer solution.

Totally different from the original Lightbox script, Photobox utilizes a thumbnail rotator to allow easy navigation between gallery images, always utilizing the entire area of the screen to present photos and modal window controls.

Created with responsive layouts in mind, Photobox will automatically resize images and the thumbnail slider to fit the available screen area. This works either when loading an image or when resizing the browser/flipping device orientation.

Under the hood, Photobox uses lots of jQuery and CSS3 to power the UI and the smooth animations. And on top of that, the CSS3 transitions are GPU hardware accelerated, so there isn't any movement jerkiness, like in most similar scripts.

If you'd like to use it, you must know that Photobox has already reached a stable 1.x version. Issues and new feature requests are handled via GitHub. A Photobox demo can be tested here.

Download Photobox from our Scripts section here.

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