Script of the Day: Photobooth.js

A library to handle webcam video feeds via JavaScript

Working as a standalone or with jQuery, Photobooth.js makes it possible to detect and manipulate webcam feeds via JavaScript, freeing yourself from the hassle and pain of dealing with Flash.

Built around the HTML 5 navigator.getUserMedia property, Photobooth.js can do two main things (for now). It can manipulate a video stream's graphic details and it can take snapshots (pictures) so the user can save them to his computer.

Cropping is also implemented, allowing users to take snapshots only of desired areas.

With version 0.7 of Photobooth.js, users can also adjust a stream's hue, brightness and contrast values in real-time, but expect more features with future releases, since HTML 5 is getting better and better at manipulating graphics.

If anyone is interested in contributing to its source code, the project is open sourced and available on GitHub. A demo can be tested here. Be sure to have your webcam turned on.

Download Photobooth.js from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Photobooth.js screenshots here.

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