Script of the Day: ParamQuery Grid

Display large data sets in spreadsheet-like HTML tables

ParamQuery Grid takes an HTML table and transforms it into a fully-fledged data spreadsheet, similar to the one you'd find in Google Docs and Microsoft's Excel.

It may be an overkill for your regular 10-row HTML table, but loading ParamQuery Grid (also known as pqGrid) with large data sets will seriously speed up page loading time.

This happens because pqGrid paginates the data set and displays only the first page of the table first. Using jQuery and AJAX, pqGrid then retrieves new content and dynamically injects it in the table container as it's needed.

Similar to other spreadsheet plugins, ParamQuery Grid supports features like column freezing, column sorting, column hiding, row highlighting, inline cell editing, data sorting, pagination and table skins.

Additionally, besides embedding the data sets as HTML or JavaScript with the current page, pqGrid can also read data from a third-party location, like a local or online XML or JSON file.

Current ParamQuery Grid development is handled via GitHub.

Download ParamQuery Grid from our Scripts section here.

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