Script of the Day: PageDown-Bootstrap

A Markdown-based WYSIWYG text editor for Twitter Bootstrap

PageDown-Bootstrap is a WYSIWYG editor for Twitter's Bootstrap front-end framework, working on top of the famous Markdown syntax model.

Developed on top of an older script called PageDown, a stand-alone JS-based Markdown editor, PageDown-Bootstrap is a more current implementation of the script, integrated to work with Bootstrap, a booming UI framework that has seen a meteoric rise and a huge adaption rate.

Inspired by the Markdown editor on StackOverflow, PageDown-Bootstrap will as well show a simple formatting toolbar at the top, the text editor in the center, and a preview section underneath the editor, updated in real-time, for testing out the final result.

Additionally, PageDown-Bootstrap is compatible with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments and comes packed with demos for both implementations.

Both WYSIWYG editor versions are hosted on GitHub (PageDown repo, PageDown-Bootstrap repo).

Download PageDown-Bootstrap from our Scripts section here.

Download PageDown from our Scripts section here.

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