Script of the Day: Open Classifieds

Run your own hosted classified ads listing, like a boss!

Thanks to the Open Classifieds script, anyone can create his own ad listing website without any programming knowledge or previous experience in the domain.

Usually running a classified ads system would make webmasters go crazy. All the custom code, constant debugging, SEO updates and comment spam moderation would make good programmers quit their job and take up gardening.

Well, those days are long gone, and thanks to systems like Open Classifieds, managing an ads listing website is not considered such a pain anymore. Just take a look at the screenshot above. Does that look complicated to you?

The Open Classifieds source code is available via Google Code and older versions can be downloaded via SourceForge. A hosted Open Classifieds demo can also be tested here.

Download Open Classifieds from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Open Classifieds screenshots here.

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