Script of the Day: Obfuscate.js

A jQuery plugin for obfuscating text on a Web page

Obfuscate.js deals with a problem developers have when working with sensitive data on a Web page that could get exposed in certain situations to unauthorized users.

This jQuery plugin was initially developed by its author, Mikko Ohtamaa, to help him get debugging advice without exposing the content of the page to other developers, but still having relevant content on the page to showcase his problem.

Obfuscate.js allowed him to replace every character on the page with another randomly chosen character, keeping text in place, while not revealing the sensitive content.

There are two ways of using this plugin. If only a screenshot is enough but data still needs to be blurred out, developers can call Obfuscate.js from the browser JavaScript console or via Firebug, obfuscate the text, take a screenshot and refresh the page to see the original content again.

If for troubleshooting, access needs to be granted to other persons, Obfuscate.js can be called via a normal script tag as any other JS file, and work at page load, even securing the page's HTML source. When debugging is done, just delete the script tag and return to the original content.

Currently, development is carried out via GitHub and there are plans for a framework-agnostic JS library and a browser bookmarklet.

Download Obfuscate.js from our Scripts section here.

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