Script of the Day: Nive cms

A Python CMS for building simple, lightweight websites

Nive cms is a simple website building tool for Python programmers, developed on top of the Pyramid framework.

Specially crafted for smaller website projects, Nive provides all the basic utilities for rapidly assembling a website structure together and start adding content.

Of course, as any decent CMS would, an administration panel is provided, along with an WYSIWYG editor for gracefully writing and formatting the added content.

A users management utility is also included, complete with a fine grained permissions system for blocking snooping users from doing something that might break the site.

To extend functionality, a modules system ships with Nive, along with a simple widget-based drag and drop layout.

You can track additional Nive cms news and development via GitHub and the PyPI index.

Download Nive cms from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Nive cms screenshots here.

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