Script of the Day: MySQLDumper

An advanced script for backing up and restoring MySQL databases

For the last day of 2012 we highlight MySQLDumper, a Web-based GUI for backing up and restoring MySQL databases.

Written in PHP, MySQLDumper isn't a must-have tool in Web development, but it's recommended for any usage scenario where a MySQL database is used to store sensitive or massive amounts of data.

The whole purpose of MySQLDumper is to create a simple way to back up and restore data, with plenty of configurable options and the ability to schedule backups and databases restores on a regular basis via a Perl cron script.

The extensive set of configuration settings span from backup locations to auto-deletion intervals for older database backups and up to sensitive data protection mechanisms.

The MySQLDumper source code is open sourced under the GPL license and freely available on SourceForge.

Download MySQLDumper from our Scripts section here.

Check out more MySQLDumper screenshots here.

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