Script of the Day: MyClientBase

A CodeIgniter-based client and invoice management suite

Editor's Note: Since writing this article, MyClientBase development has stopped and continued on a whole new system called FusionInvoice.

MyClientBase is a simple Web invoicing tool for developers and other professionals alike. It was written on top of the CodeIgniter PHP framework and is currently open sourced for anyone to use.

It is a complete self-hosted solution for keeping track of client billing. The app can be used to manage clients, invoices, project quotes, products, services, tax zones and payments.

MyClientBase can automatically generate invoices in PDF, HTML or email format, taking the pain away from working with complex desktop software for rendering proper billing documentation.

A statistics center is also packed with MyClientBase, and can be used to get reports on the admin's activity and current billing state.

The MyClientBase source code is available on GitHub and a demo can be tested with the courtesy of OpenSource CMS (admin user and password are admin/demo123).

Download MyClientBase from our Scripts section here.

Check out more MyClientBase screenshots here.

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