Script of the Day: Laravel

A PHP framework for creating beautiful applications

Laravel is an advanced, well-documented PHP framework for developing applications, services or simple websites, packed with features and fully extendable in the future.

There are so many PHP frameworks out on the Web that choosing one can sometimes be a lottery. That's why when having to select one, some serious detective work must be carried out.

Laravel complies with most conditions developers have when choosing a good PHP framework.

First of all, Laravel is very well documented, so a programmer won't spend time reading the source, but reading the documentation and code examples. This ensures a fast learning curve, and accessibility even to PHP beginners.

Second, Laravel was specifically built with extensibility in mind. That's why its core code base is small and, to add features, developers simply add packages (also called bundles). Currently, there are over 250 Laravel bundles on their official package repository.

Third and last, Laravel syntax is extremely easy and intuitive. You don't have to learn Elvish to write Laravel code. Just look at the examples in the documentation page. You can actually tell what they do just by reading the source code.

To keep up to date with anything related to Laravel development, just follow their GitHub account. Also, don't forget to check out their video tutorials on Screenr.

Download Laravel from our Scripts section here.

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