Script of the Day: Kube

A modern-day CSS framework written in LESS, from the creators of Redactor

Kube is a framework, originally written in LESS and compiled to CSS, to help developers get a basic wireframe in place for their upcoming Web projects.

A product of Imperavi Ltd, creators of the highly successful Redactor HTML5-based WYSIWYG editor, Kube provides a cross-browser and mobile-friendly CSS framework to quickly get website projects off the ground.

Kube comes with a responsive layout and support for mobile browsers, allowing developers to build from the get-go websites that look the same on both environments, but behave according to the medium they're on.

While basic styles are in place for a grid system and typography elements, Kube doesn't limit the developer to preset styles and allows him total freedom on how to design his website's UI elements.

Kube is currently freeware and can be used for both free and commercial projects alike.

Download Kube from our Scripts section here.

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