Script of the Day: Kryn.cms

An OS dekstop-like system for managing PHP websites

Kryn.cms is a content management system (CMS) modeled to look like your grandpa's classic desktop environment.

Why? Because not all users are well versed with the weird dashboards CMSs have been promoting lately, and a throwback desktop-like admin panel will cater to non-technical, inexperienced users, which make up most of the website owners market anyway.

Besides the obvious admin interface, Kryn.cms is not that different from any other well-written CMS at all.

It comes with an installation wizard, WYSIWYG editing, an extendable plugins system, a multi-user management feature and many other more.

Kryn.cms is still in beta development and an official release will be out soon. Until then, you still have time to submit feature requests and help with the core issues via GitHub.

Download Kryn.cms from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Kryn.cms screenshots here.

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