Script of the Day: Kirby CMS

A very versatile and awesome at the same time, flat file-based PHP CMS

Kirby is a flat-file CMS that takes its structure from the folder tree and stores all content in simple .txt text files.

Developed out of the need of managing a website from the file-system instead of a Web-based admin panel, Kirby allows webmasters or simple users to change the content and structure of a site just by moving files and folders around, and editing simple text files in their text editors.

Kirby can be managed by more than one user if integrated with Dropbox, for which support has been added in later versions and is very customizable via a simple-to-edit template system.

But if this is in any way too weird and different, a classic admin panel is provided in the form of a plugin, for managing the CMS via the browser.

Kirby is licensed under a commercial license, but a trial is available for download.

Download Kirby CMS from our Scripts section here.

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