Script of the Day: Kajona

The recently released v4 branch is helping Kajona make a comeback

Kajona is an older project, but its recently released v4.x branch will make developers fall in love with it all over again.

Developed at first as a framework, Kajona has slowly evolved into a CMS, allowing easy building of solid websites, which can later be extended by the multitude of functions and toolkits that Kajona comes packed with.

Benefiting from all the features a framework brings to the table, like a solid, well-organized, extendable code base, Kajona creators can now brag about its CMS administration interface as well.

Completely redone and upgraded from the older ugly-looking v3 admin panel, the v4 backend will grab the attention of every developer exploring it.

Just by messing around with the admin dashboard, developers will soon discover, as we did, how flexible the entire system is and how many configurable options webmasters can tweak for their system

If the above dashboard screenshot has ignited your interest, you can play around with a Kajona v4 demo here.

Download Kajona from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Kajona screenshots here.

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