Script of the Day: KK Countdown

A jQuery plugin for creating and styling countdown timers

The KK Countdown jQuery plugin is a tool for developers needing a reverse clock or a countdown timer for their projects.

We see countdown timers anywhere on the Web. But if you ask a developer to create one, most will get confused, since they're not that easy to write and manage due to the complicated way date and time formats are handled in JavaScript.

Faced with this challenge, Krzysztof Furtak has created a jQuery plugin that takes all the pain and labor of working with timers in JavaScript and provided a simple tool for doing this via a few settings declared at page load.

With support for various date and time formats, the possibility to add more than one timer on the same page and completely themeable via CSS, KK Countdown is not only useful, but actually a great snippet of code to have in your arsenal.

An online demo of KK Countdown is available for your viewing.

Download KK Countdown from our Scripts section here.

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