Script of the Day: JS-CAD

Web application for CAD graphics written in HTML 5

JS-CAD is a simple browser-based tool for creating CAD-like graphics. CAD stands for computer-aided-design and was made famous by desktop software like AutoCAD.

While not the most mainstream technology out there, CAD plays a big role in any engineering domain.

JS-CAD doesn't provide absolutely all the features you may find in AutoCAD-like software, but it does a wonderful job when you notice what it already has implemented.

All the base elements are there. Points, lines, circles, arcs, a simple grid and the ability to merge areas are all there. And with a little creativity, you can use them to produce all the advanced drawings seen in AutoCAD.

For now, the app is not yet fully ready, but it works just fine. Future features will include the possibility of saving created drawings and maybe a way to import – export real CAD files.

The JS-CAD source code is available on SourceForge and an online demo can be tested here.

Download JS-CAD from our Scripts section here.

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