Script of the Day: Infinite-Social-Wall

PHP script for showing an infinite wall of social updates

Infinite-Social-Wall is a PHP solution for aggregating social feeds on a website. It will load a vertical infinite page that shows a person's activity on a multitude of social networks.

Yesterday in our Script of the Day series we presented you jQuery Lifestream, a jQuery plugin that does practically the same thing. Infinite-Social-Wall is a different take on the same problem of aggregating social feeds, but unlike the aforementioned script it uses PHP to fetch data.

Infinite-Social-Wall can get activity from Google+, Stackoverflow, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Github and Twitter. Optional support for RSS feeds can easily be added as well.

While Facebook is not supported, the script is still a good solution because it uses MySQL to store feed items so they are retrieved locally instead of querying various social APIs every time a page is loaded or reloaded.

A demo of Infinite-Social-Wall can be viewed on its author's homepage. The source code is hosted on GitHub. A hosted version will also be coming soon.

Download Infinite-Social-Wall from our Scripts section here.

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