Script of the Day: IDSlot

An online identity, resume and contact management system

IDSlot is a very unique system that allows users to publish online various identity and contact data, all from a simple Web-based interface.

IDSlot is like a CMS (content management system), but without being a CMS. It's more of an IMS (identity management system), since the user's identity is the only detail it manages through its interface.

The entire system is very unique, unlike everything else we ever tested here at Softpedia. Completely alone in its category, IDSlot is a very useful tool, for people that don't have the time to craft their own online portfolio or vCard sites.

At this point, with version 1.0, IDSlot allows users to add various details about themselves like contact details (phone, email, address, map location, etc.), a simple resume, a description in the form of a classic “About Me” page, a simple image-based portfolio / gallery and a list of links to various social profiles.

An IDSlot demo can be viewed via its front-end themes repository, here. The IDSlot backend can be tested here.

Download IDSlot from our Scripts section here.

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