Script of the Day: Habari

A blogging platform to rival WordPress in complexity and ease of use

Habari is a state-of-the-art blogging platform for running news centers, personal weblogs or online magazines.

For every successful thing, there's always been an alternative. PHP is the Web most successful programming language, but some people prefer Ruby. Joomla has been the CMS of choice for many developers, but some still prefer Drupal as well.

In the blogging sector, WordPress has been the undeniable leader of the pack for more than a decade now, and since its supremacy was quite obvious, people have looked for an alternative.

Not because WordPress was bad at blogging, but because people like the 'underdog' story (or maybe some of them were trolls and liked to go against the grain).

And the prime choice as the “WordPress alternative”, for many years now, has been awarded to Habari. And it was not a bad alternative at all. In fact, it still is one of the top blogging tools around.

Before the WordPress community went CMS crazy and changed WordPress from a blog-first to a CMS-first model, distinguishing Habari from WordPress was almost impossible. Anything WordPress did, Habari did as well, and at the same level and quality as WordPress.

And while WordPress changed, Habari stayed the same, and users loved it and still love it for this. With an interface solely built around easy, fast and totally controllable blogging tools, Habari can actually make you feel you're writing a diary and not a public blog.

Check out a demo of Habari here. If anyone is interested in contributing to its source code, the project is available on GitHub.

Download Habari from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Habari screenshots here.

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