Script of the Day: GreenSock Animation Platform

An animations toolkit for JavaScript, HTML5 and Flash applications

The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) is the next-generation animations platform for today's modern web. Developed from the famous TweenLite Flash animation engine, GSAP is the developer's answer to the new HTML5-driven market.

The platform comes with a unified API that allows developers to create animations that run the same way in Flash and in HTML5 apps.

This may sound very complicated, but it's not. There's lot of documentation, lots of support and a pretty big community that has already adapted GSAP.

The authors are banking on TweenLite's fame and success to vouch for GSAP's performances, and from the first responses it got until now, the platform doesn't dissapoint at all.

By default, GSAP is free for non-commercial purposes, but for commercial projects and redistribution rights, a commercial plan is available as well.

All versions of the GreenSock Animation Platform are hosted on GitHub (for JavaScript, ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3).

Download GreenSock Animation Platform from our Scripts section here.

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